Roderick Martin's BIO


Roderick Martin is a UFO investigator for MUFON aka Mutual UFO Network and the host of the popular podcast and YouTube channel called "Why The Big Secret".

Roderick has also uncovered cultural differences in many minority experiences with UFOs.  He has interviewed and researched UFO and alien encounters from the minority perspective and has become, arguably, the most trusted source on this topic within the black community. 

Roderick has been featured on numerous documentaries, including Discovery +'s Alien EndgameBlack Knight Satellite documentary and Fox Tubi's documentary called, "Aliens, Abductions and Roswell 75". He has also made a featured appearance on GAIA's Beyond Belief Show with George Noory and GAIA’s Open Minds with Regina Meredith

Roderick's podcast has had some impressive guests, including Linda Moulton Howe, Billy Carlson, Richard Dolan, Nick Pope, Psychic John Russel, Caroline Cory, Grant Cameron, Alan Steinfeld, Barbara Lamb, Whitley Strieber, Kathleen Marden, Robert Salas (Retired Captain with the U.S Air Force) etc.

He has also interviewed people who have had real-life experiences with UFOs.  A lived to tell the tales.


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