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Great interview

I’d love to have the opportunity to see such incredible thing. During the hot summer nights I go to a park near me and stare at the sky in the hopes to have contact with beings from outer space! I hope for the day that governments will stop hiding the truth from us 👍👽 🛸

Great topics

Really enjoy the show. Good sound and informative. The only improvement I wish would happen is the grammar by the host. The grammar used is poor but I suffer through it because the content is awesome.

Awesome podcast

I stumbled on this podcast after I listened to an episode on paranormalish. I was so interested in what rodrick had to say, I immediately jumped on this podcast!!! Awesome stuff!

Roderick is the Man!

He knows what’s up with what’s about to go down. Found him on Clubhouse and now a subscriber to his podcast and YouTube channel. If you are a believer or not - check him out.